Dear Yawo

The wedding just ended and I wanted to thank the singers and you very much! We had two beautiful performances and everybody loved it. The ceremony was amazing, nice, quiet and romantic in the beginning, towards the end more energy, perfect!

The second performance was my personal favorite!:) The singers really got into it, we could all feel their love for the music they were performing. They set a perfect mood with clapping and snipping the fingers and dancing, just how I imagined it to be. Fantastic!

So again, a BIG thank you to the singers for their stunning performances and for being very cooperative with the timing (we were very much behind schedule...). And thank you for your organisation! You all made a wonderful memory for my sister and her husband, and all the guests too!

Have a wonderful sunday and many greetings to the singers,

Franziska, Isole di Brissago, Italian Island, September 2017

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