Hello Yawo,

As you can imagine it, we were very touched, and also very busy after this unforgettable weekend; that's why we did not come back to you quickly.

We would like to thank you for your availability, your professionalism and your kindness. We are very happy to have been able to discuss with you and to prepare this day by your side.

Your team was wonderful, we were delighted and all the guests too. It was perfect!!

We did not really have time to thank the singers or take a picture with them !! because after the ceremony, we had to continue the day but it was really beautiful!

We hope to have the photos of the photographer soon to share them with you.

We hope your team enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the ceremony.

Thanks again and see you very soon!!

Sébastien and Chiara, Wedding in Sévrier, France, August 2019

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