This Saturday August 18, 2018, in the Temple of Jussy, the  3 singers of You Gospel Team offered a wonderful and unforgettable performance. As a matter of fact, they went beyond our expectations yet demanding by interpreting songs and making dance movements on pieces of different registers, thus reinforcing the customized character, desired for our marriage. Fair, festive, solemn and catchy, are only a few meager qualifiers to describe their performance. Many of our guests have asked us their contacts, as they have been affected.

Moreover, for the illustrative anecdote, a cousin who came with her 3 year-old daughter, admitted to us that from the first song, her daughter had cried with emotion. The tears streaming down her cheeks simply. Once the performance ended, she said: "MOM?" Is it already over? »

Thanks again!

Charlotte & Mikaël, Jussy, Switzerland, August 2018

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