Hello Yawo,

Thank you veeery much for the lovely live performance you organized for us. The singers did a really good job (wooow the voices are amazing) and Michaela was so glad about that surprise.

You‘re right, it will be unforgettable!

Hope to see you guys once again somewhere else. Please let me know, if you have a concert nearby which would be possible to join.

Best wishes and kind regards.

Manuel, Marriage proposal in Zürich, Switzerland, November 2022.

Your Gospel Team,

It was obvious to take the time to send you our most sincere thanks. You really impressed us with your voice, charisma and professionalism. We have no regrets. Report, quality and price are at the rendezvous.

Kevin and I will send you a souvenir of us so that you don't forget us, because we won't forget you.

Thank you and please continue to make weddings more beautiful.

Kevin and Maria, Wedding in Pully, Switzerland, October 2022.

Hello to all the band of Your Gospel Team.

My wife joins me in thanking you for bringing stars into our wedding ceremony. We were touched by the beauty of the voices of the three singers who were also very kind and discreet.

I had the pleasure of hearing them warm up as they stood right below the room where I changed. It was absolutely great.

It was only natural that I went to thank them after their BEAUTIFUL performance and asked them to join us for the reception. Everything was perfect and our guests thought the same as we did. A hundred thousand thanks.

John and Marion Bechet, Wedding in Goldbach-Altenbach, France, October 2022.

I really appreciated Yawo's very human relationship side!

Thanks to Celine, Arnaud, Nawel and Julie for their performances; you were great! The guests were stunned by the surprise and seduced by your voices and your smiles. It was magical!!!

Thanks to you, Lea's 30th birthday will remain engraved in our memories.

Kind regards and good luck.

Carole, For her daughter's birthday in L'Horme, France, October 2022.


This short message to tell you how happy we are.

It was absolutely MAGIC and beautiful. A huge thank you to your team.   

Sabrina, Wedding in Montreux, Switzerland, October 2022.

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