We would like to tell you that the performance of your artists  was great! 

It has been a great pleasure for us to have them that day. Their presence has made our ceremony unforgettable and we thank you.

We are looking forward to hearing you singing again during our next concert! You never know! 

Great evening to you,

Aurore and Nicolas,  Montilliez, Switzerland, September 2018

We called on five singers of the Group Your Gospel Team to animate the renewal ceremony of our marriage vows in Champex-Lac in Wallis. It was a surprise that I had held with the Director of the group, without the knowledge of my wife and all of our guests. The artists were hidden and went out at the beginning of the ceremony by singing "Amazing Grace". We were all overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. It was magnificent! Sincerely, I was expecting something very good, but the Your Gospel Team was very much above my expectations. And my expectations were high though! All our guests were delighted and many of them asked for the details of this band of professional singers with incredible voice! The whole ceremony was punctuated by different songs that I could choose. The last song, "Oh Happy Day" was performed outside the chapel at the end of the ceremony. We didn't want it to stop...

I could recommend the band Your Gospel Team with my eyes closed and without any concern. I know that, if you decide to trust them like I, you will be delighted. Their images and videos are very much below the reality that they will give you. I take the opportunity that is given to me to tell them my gratitude and that of all the guests. Thanks to them, this ceremony will remain unforgettable.

Jerome and Elisabeth, Champex-Lac, Switzerland, September 2018

Hello Yawo !!

Thank you very much for your email and your followed up.

I can assure you that the gospel was a success! We LOVED Gospel presentation at our wedding. This made the church ceremony very cheerful, as desired. All our guests were also very happy! We have greatly enjoyed the voices, songs and the energy of the 3 professional artists of Your Gospel Team.

Thank you very much, we did well to trust you.

The rest of the evening was also super well, we have amazing memories of our wedding party!

Once again, thank you very much.

Best regards,

Erica & Robert, Blonay, Switzerland, September 2018

Hello Mr. Abotsi,

Sorry for the delayed answer but we were on vacation until this weekend. We were very satisfied of the performance, each one of the Gospel Singers does his job great. Their voices were amazing and we will recommend them to other people.

Thanks and have a great week.

kind regards.

Ferhat, Balgach, Switzerland, August 2018

Dear Yawo,

Thank you very much for your message: everything went perfectly!

The artists were in time with great equipment before the arrival of visitors. The songs and their voices were really moving.

We were very, very happy that you had come - the songs say more than 1000 words!!

It will remain a valuable and unforgettable memory for us.

Thanks a lot to the whole team.

Daniel and Julia, Basel, Switzerland, August 2018

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