"Biel: Symbol of Tolerance in Cultural Diversity"

Located in the canton of Berne, Biel is the capital of the district of the same name. It lies at the foot of the southern flank of the Jura range and shares with the city of Nidau ​​the bay downstream of the lake to which it gave its name, Lake Biel.

Biel, is the tenth largest city in Switzerland and the largest bilingual city in Switzerland, the main junction between German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland. Biel is the largest city in Switzerland where French and German are two official languages ​​of the same value. Here we feel the openness of this mix of cultures. This mixture of different cultures and mentalities makes Biel an open, tolerant and lively city. Biel is considered a watchmaking metropolis.

The cultural offer in Biel is captivating. Inspired and stimulated by the coexistence of two languages ​​and different mentalities, the artists play to packed houses and thrill the audience. The cultural performances of the artists are regularly distinguished by arriving at the top of national and international competitions.

You will never be disappointed by the cultural dynamism of the city of Biel. Various events and festivals are held throughout the year. We can mention among others:

  • "Aarberger Puce" - flea and antiques market, Switzerland's biggest and nicest flea market with nearly 250 merchants (April & August);
  • Braderie Bienne - the biggest party in Biel and vicinity, a colorful summer party with market, raffle, concerts, is celebrated for over 70 years. Its origin goes back to the 1930s, during which Biel experienced an economic crisis (June);
  • Feast of Lake Biel - happy night party in Biel with stalls of restorations, bars and big fireworks (July);
  • Kermesse of the old town of Biel - 150 stalls, fairgrounds and associations as well as a rich program of events give off a beautiful party atmosphere (August);
  • Winegrowers' festivals on Lake Biel - traditional harvest festivals, notably those of Douane and Erlach (September / October);
  • Christmas market in Biel - countless stands and beautiful Christmas lights at the largest Christmas market in the region (December).

In addition to these events, Biel has a wide range of musical activities. Whether it's a concert or musical entertainment, there are different musical styles for your taste. Gospel music is particularly appreciated.

If you are planning an event as a corporate or an individual in Biel or its vicinity and are looking for a gospel choir, Your Gospel Team will fulfill your expectations.

Your Gospel Team, is a professional gospel group based in Lausanne, canton of Vaud, is specialized in the production of gospel shows. Your Gospel Team is acknowledged as leader in its field in Biel and throughout Switzerland for its services and high-quality performances.

In this framework of activities, our gospel choir animates in the city of Biel, as well as in other cities of Switzerland, in the style of authentic gospel, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthdays, baptisms, parties for companies, workshops, team building, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Our team has therefore gained the experience, the skill and the expertise essential to plan an event, lead or accompany its organization to completion.

Do not hesitate to contact Your Gospel Team for a detailed offer adapted to your events.

Your Gospel Team in Biel, social cohesion is even stronger.



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