It is incredible the larger territories covered in Switzerland by our gospel choir to organize and entertain various events such as concerts, festivals, weddings, flash mob, birthdays, christenings, parties for companies, workshops , team building, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Because the Swiss love gospel music, because gospel music stabilizes the mood, because gospel music stimulates social ties, Your gospel Team has decided to expand its activities and performances to be even closer to the beneficiaries.

We operate in every municipality of all the Swiss cantons.

AG : Aargau

AI : Appenzell Innerrhoden

AR : Appenzell Ausserrhoden

BE : Bern

BL : Basel- Landschaft

BS : Basel-Stadt

FR : Freiburg

GE : Geneva

GL : Glarus

GR : Graubünden

JU : Jura

LU : Luzern

NE : Neuenburg


NW : Nidwalden

OW : Obwalden

SG : St. Gallen

SH : Schaffhouse

SO : Solothurn 

SZ : Schwyz

TG : Thurgau

TI : Ticino

UR : Uri

VD : Vaud

VS : Valais

ZG : Zug

ZH : Zurich

Some of our clients

  • Infiniti Genève
  • Centre commercial Chablais
  • Centre Metropole
  • Office du Toursime Verbier
  • Centre commercial Romanel
  • Centre commercial-Crissier
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