Music is the most romantic of all forms of art. Entertaining a wedding with the authentic gospel music of African-American style is bringing more joy, more love, more energy and a strong emotion.

Whether your wedding is religious or civil, the ceremony is its most important moment. Do you want to make this moment more exciting? Do you want to make it more interesting and original or unforgettable? Just call our gospel choir Your Gospel Team.

At Your Gospel Team, organizing a wedding is of utmost importance. We give it a valuable place in our work. Our philosophy about wedding is simple: "Love cannot express the idea of music. However, gospel music can be an instrument to reflect your ideas and feelings in the couple". Therefore we take care to adapt our repertoire of songs to the type of wedding you are celebrating. Our flexibility makes us so unique : we always pay close attention to the clients and our artists can interpret songs proposed by our clients. No matter the type of entertainment you opted, it is with joy and professionalism that our artists will dazzle your guests.

Every year, many weddings are organized by our team. All our clients are satisfied with our performances and services  as it is shown by the testimonial of Daniel and Julia, our clients in Basel, Switzerland:

"The artists were in time with great equipment before the arrival of visitors. The songs and their voices were really moving.  We were very, very happy that you had come - the songs say more than 1000 words!!  It will remain a valuable and unforgettable memory for us.  Thanks a lot to the whole team.”

We reserve a special accompaniment to our future brides and grooms.

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Depending on your event, we can offer you different options.


2 Artists 3 Artists 4 Artists More than 4 Artists

1 Singer, Soloist

+ 1 Pianist

2 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

3 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

More than 3 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

 + Complete Sound System
+ Complete Sound System + Complete Sound System + Complete Sound System

 2 Artists :
1 Singer, Soloist + 1 Pianist 


3 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

4 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

5 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

More than 5 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

 + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System


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Below you can see our professional Sound System. Click on images to enlarge.

Some of our clients

  • Infiniti Genève
  • Centre commercial Chablais
  • Centre Metropole
  • Office du Toursime Verbier
  • Centre commercial Romanel
  • Centre commercial-Crissier
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