“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent", Victor Hugo.

In general, drink reception is intended to honor those present at the wedding celebration, often local personalities or neighborhood relations, but who are not invited to the meal. It is organized in a venue close to that of the wedding celebration, but far from the venue where the wedding meal is to be served.

The cocktail is reserved for guests at the wedding meal and is held directly at the reception venue. The cocktail is practical because it allows to receive progressively the guests before the meal begins.

The drink reception and the wedding meal are the real moments of relaxation during the wedding and require a good organization. And that's where our gospel choir Your Gospel Team comes in.

Many brides and grooms have used Your Gospel Team services to organize their drink reception and wedding meal. A great satisfaction is expressed by all the clients as Sarah and Bene, our clients in Davos in Switzerland, testify:

"Thank you very much again for the good organization and the outstanding performance. Everything was as we wished for! The singers did such a great job in the church and created exactly the special and emotional atmosphere we were hoping for. Additionally, they added a lot to the cheerful atmosphere during our aperitif. We received so many compliments for the performers - also from people who are musicians themselves- which we would like to pass on. The artists added so much to make this our perfect special day!!! THANK YOU!  Hopefully, we will have some other event soon to book you again.  If we receive some good pictures from the photographers we will send them to you.  All the best".

We offer a particular repertoire of songs and adapted for the drink reception and the wedding meal to make them more pleasant.

Our singers will make your drink reception and wedding meal a moment of joy, love, emotion and a great opportunity to thank the guests through an African-American gospel musical accompaniment.

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Depending on your event, we can offer you different options.


2 Artists 3 Artists 4 Artists More than 4 Artists

1 Singer, Soloist

+ 1 Pianist

2 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

3 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

More than 3 Singers, Soloists

+ 1 Pianist

 + Complete Sound System
+ Complete Sound System + Complete Sound System + Complete Sound System



3 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

4 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

5 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

More than 5 Artists

(Singers, Soloists)

 + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System  + Complete Sound System


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