Your Gospel Team sings for orphans

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, Your Gospel Team, Bennedicte Chanson, hip-hop troupe Boomerang Crew are entertaining a party at Grande Salle de Cojonnex, Route de Prélaz 2, 1807 Blonay (Switzerland) to support African orphans in Togo (West Africa).

Organized by the Association Parrainage Africa Suisse (PAS), this party, which is a fundraising dinner, aims mainly to raise funds for the achievement of a new project of the association.

As a matter of fact, Parrainage Africa Suisse (PAS) is a Humanitarian Association that aims to participate in the social, educational, cultural, agricultural development for the population of Togo, a country in West Africa. Its activities are particularly aimed at children from extremely disadvantaged families or orphans. Established in the Republic of Togo since 2003, PAS has carried out some projects including: purchase of an agricultural farm with livestock farming and agriculture, and another land to grow corn, beans, cassava etc. PAS has also completed the construction and renovation of a dozen homes plus the creation of various wells. A school, regularly renovated, currently receives more than 200 children. In addition, a centre called "La Maison du bonheur" was built to accommodate children who could not stay in their family.

This charity party is an opportunity to gather around a meal any organization or individual of good will, who cares about the humanitarian cause and who wishes to support the noble actions of Parrainage Africa Suisse.

Note that the funds that will be raised during this party will be donated to PAS for the implementation of the project of construction of two bedrooms and a shop next to the center "La Maison du bonheur ".

Several renowned artists will take part in this party among others:

Your Gospel Team: a professional gospel group in the African-American style.
Bewitching voices that will instantly seduce you and make this event unforgettable. Gospel is a musical genre of religious origin, with dominant vocals that vary according to the culture.

Bennedicte Song: Finalist of the Swiss competition, Le Tremplin les meilleures voix 2022, Bennedicte is a passionate singer, author and actress. Her undeniable talent as a "singer with a voice" will leave no one indifferent and will make this party unique.

Boomerang Crew: The Neptune dance school, multiplies the performances in several festivals, concerts, associative events and others. We will have the pleasure of welcoming one of its troops, "Boomerang Crew" for a dynamic and uplifting moment.

The event is open to the everybody but with registration no later than April 25 for organizational reasons. The event costs CHF 70.- and CHF 60.- AVS/AI (aperitif, large African hot buffet, dessert, coffee). You can register by phone or email by contacting Maria Chevalley (phone: 079 278 62 76, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

You can also register by paying via bank transfer according to the IBAN: CH12 0900 0000 1758 1175 1 or via TWINT on 079 278 62 76.

Happy to take part in this party, Your Gospel Team's artists appreciate the initiative that allows them not only to praise the divine goodness, but also to express their empathy for orphans, helpless and vulnerable people.

This party, an event organized during the 20th anniversary of the Association Parrainage Africa Suisse with the support of 28 sponsors including municipalities, NGOs, companies…, is already a great success.

A range of activities as rich as diversified is planned in the program including aperitif reception, speeches, meals, musical and dance performances, sale of raffle tickets, film screening. The organizers make every effort to offer participants, lovers of beautiful sounds unforgettable moments of joy and cheerfulness.

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