An Authentic Gospel Concert at the "Festival Voix D’orgues": Your Gospel Team in Action

The emotion will be very strong again in Bédarieux this year during the 11th edition of the Festival Voix d'Orgues which will be held from August 10 to 13, 2022. Symbol of Creation, conviviality, and artistic, musical and cultural sharing, this festival is an unmissable event for all music lovers.

Bédarieux is located in the South of France, in the Occitanie region at the West of the Hérault department, in the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. Small town of about 6,000 inhabitants and rich in heritage, Bédarieux is an economic and tourist crossroads, an artistic and cultural city, with a lively and dynamic downtown. Its health pole, its school city, its outdoor activities and its associative life make Bédarieux a radiant and attractive city.

With the aim of conserving, protecting and enhancing this heritage of Bédarieux, the Centre d'Etudes Polyphonique et Organistique (CEPO) has been organizing the Festival Voix d'Orgues for several years. The CEPO, created in 2011, makes it possible to group musical activities by associating different organizations around joint projects. The synergy thus achieved allows the implementation of ambitious projects highlighting both the heritage of Bédarieux and the talent of the men and women of this territory.

The CEPO aims to popularize the organ instrument and the organizational heritage of the region, to make voices heard, alone or in polyphony, to promote musical creation by inviting young composers, and finally, simply, to give the taste of music to a very varied audience, all while remaining modest and in a friendly atmosphere.

The program of this 11th edition of the Festival Voix d'Orgues is spread out over four days in different places of the communes Grand Orb, and will propose various concerts mixing different instruments: Organ, Cello, Piano, Alto, Barrel Organ, Accordion, Keyboard... without forgetting the Voice.

Several artists are invited to this event:

  • Organists Adam Bernadac, Bruno Rattini and Marc Chiron;
  • A quartet of instruments from the Conservatoire de Nîmes;
  • The "Rue des Chantres" Trio for medieval songs;
  • Two soprano lyrical singers: Ulrike Van Cotthem and Agnes Alibert;
  • Harpist Marie Marguerite Cano;
  • The Trio Bex 'tet for jazz rock;
  • A young composer: Gabriel Field;
  • Your Gospel Team.

The concert of Your Gospel Team comes at the right time to meet one of the objectives of the organizers, that of offering the residents of Bédarieux and the people of the region an exceptional and quality show, by offering them opportunity to listen to other voices and other rhythms while staying perfectly within the framework of the festival.

In this vein, the concert of the gospel choir Your Gospel Team is scheduled on the last day, that is to say on August 13, 2022 from 09:00 pm at the Tuilerie. Your Gospel Team will conduct this performance with a special option of 4 solo singers accompanied by a pianist on a customized and well adapted repertoire. It will be a performance with sumptuous and resonant voices, an entertainment full of vibration to fill with joy the audience of 150 people expected at this concert, thus leaving a beautiful memory of this year's edition.

This 11th edition of the Festival Voix d'Orgues was sponsored by several organizations and institutions, mainly the Town Hall of Bedarieux and the Community of Communes Grand Orb, but also the Department and the Regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc, and also Artists Premium Sarl.

All Festival activities, including concerts, will take place in strict compliance with health requirements. Participation in all concerts of the event is free and is at the discretion of the audience.

For more information on the Festival Voix d'Orgues, visit

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Sunday, 02 October 2022

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