“The Lion King" show with Your Gospel Team, December 28, 2017

Even though Your Gospel Team is specialized in producing gospel shows, it never had musical performance limitations. Having a well-organized artistic leadership, this gospel choir is phenomenal in the sense of having a multidimensional ability to work on various repertoires, which gives it an unmatched versatility.

Thus, Your Gospel Team has been selected, as a Gospel band, to accompany the musical, "The Lion King", staged by Céline Meilleurat, with the participation of Europe and world champions, international artists, "Jeunes Espoirs" and children of the Villars Primary School.

Known as "Villars On Ice, 2017 edition", this gala, a magical event, will take place on December 28th at 7:30 pm on the ice rink of Villars-sur-Ollon.

And as every year, this event will be, once again, enlightened by the participation of celebrities such as Kiira Korpi, Annette Dytrt & Yannick Bonheur, Marie-Pierre Leray, Deniis Vasilievs and especially Stéphane Lambiel and Philippe Candeloro, real icons of artistic quality and know-how.

As a matter of fact, vice-world champion in 1994, Philippe Candeloro won the bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games of the same year in Lillehammer and that of 1998 in Nagano. Known and appreciated for his originality, charisma, personality and enthusiasm, he is also famous for having practiced a less conventional figure skating than his main competitors, which allowed him to naturally win a wider audience for his sport. Very imaginative, Philippe Candeloro invented a series of forward foot-joint jumps and a pirouette on the knees. He also made the "back-flip".

For his part, thanks to his dynamism, a relentless personal investment and a great passion for a job well done, Stéphane Lambiel has achieved his primary objectives, which result from two world championship titles and a silver medal at the Olympic Games. Today, he participates in various shows around the world and shares his experiences and skills with the next generation in his own Skating School, the "Skating School of Switzerland" based in Champéry.

It is in the "major league" of these continental figures that Your Gospel Team, which is undoubtedly, a true Gospel choir, will vibrate once again the hearts with its melodies and musical songs in link with the festive comedy on the rhythmic beat of his 10 professional artists whose natural insight remains obvious.

Therefore, it is useless to remind that the artistic performance will surely be with the dancers whose musical know-how is a constantly demonstrated habit for the great happiness of the audience.

Thus, everyone is invited to experience this exceptional moment and intense joy, an unprecedented and unforgettable moment!

So, to get your tickets, you are served upon a single click: www.villars-on-ice.ch/.

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