Museum exhibit in Geneva: from the deep of Afro-American Gospel

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, Your Gospel Team will give a gospel music entertainment at Geneva's Museum of Ethnography (MEG) during "The night of the Museums" in Geneva, Switzerland.

Under the theme, "The Inner Journey", this event will be devoted to a temporary exhibition: religious ecstasy in Africa.

As a matter of fact, "Africa: The Religions of Ecstasy", inaugurated on May 18, 2018, reveals the richness of African religious practices. There is no need to recall that in Africa, religion is perceived as a set of rituals that link the living together, facing the powers of the invisible: One God, multiple deities, spirits of the ancestors or of nature

Hence, during the exhibition that will reveal the monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), the indigenous African religions, the cults of possession and the magical-religious universes, the public will get willingly immersed in an atmosphere of mysticism and will learn about the fervor of believers.

With a structure commensurate with the size of its collections, which stand out for their exceptional coverage, MEG can now compete with the reception and programming facilities of international cultural operators.

A leader in skills, the 2017 European Museum Prize is awarded to Geneva's Museum of Ethnography in Geneva, a city of proven versatility.

Your Gospel Team, a gospel music choir, will perform with the A Cappella option and a new repertoire of traditional gospel: we start from the deep roots of gospel, the pure Afro-American and authentic gospel.

The event is carefully prepared with exceptional artistic arrangements.

These professional artists organize and maintain the professional life of Your Gospel Team.

As a matter of fact, Your Gospel Team, a gospel choir, is specialized in production of concerts, and organizes, in authentic gospel style, weddings, flash mob, birthdays, baptisms, evenings for companies, workshops, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

The artistic work of Your Gospel Team as a gospel group, being of an almost unprecedented meticulousness, the events organized are led to the benefit of the customers in a very advanced vocal and musical universe with a unique objective: to make the event sublime and unforgettable!

In this dynamic, all the gospel music fans, especially those of Your Gospel Team are warmly invited to this exceptional exhibition.

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