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The spread of Your Gospel Team’s musical reputation seems to reach all sectors including health sector.

In this vein, on December 7, 2017, during a symposium organized by the Pediatric University Hospital of Basel in German-speaking Switzerland, Your Gospel Team will once again resonate with its melodies.

From a totally scientific perspective, this symposium will host Dr. Julia Rappenecker as a key speaker who will talk about her humanitarian mission carried out in Niger.

In the framework of a Médecins Sans Frontières’ 12-year existence project, Julia Rappenecker went as a pediatrician to Magaria in southern Niger for 6 months. Her work was 100% done at an under 5 years children hospital of 130 to 550 beds.

During her mission, she implemented several activities including pediatric training, supervision of national doctors and the establishment of a cooperation between maternity and neonatology and the establishment of an outpatient clinic for sickle cell children.

These humanitarian activities were closely conducted with the organization "Médecins Sans Frontières" (MSF).

Founded on December 21, 1971 by doctors and journalists, in the sphere of influence of the medical journal Tonus, "Médecins Sans Frontières" is a French private charity and humanitarian organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. As such, it provides emergency medical assistance in cases including armed conflict, natural disasters, epidemics and famines. In addition, it carries out longer-term actions in protracted conflicts or chronic instability, in the context of aid to refugees or in the aftermath of disasters.

This kind of humanitarian rescue activity is also carried out by University Hospital of Basel (UKBB), which has been offering patients, medical consultations and medical assistance of quality for several years under the watchful eye of physicians, professional specialists.

On the occasion of this unprecedented event, Your Gospel Team, which also shares a humanist vision of the world, will offer, during the symposium, its best musical performances through one of its special options: the A Cappella formula.

Needless to say that it is a great pleasure for Your Gospel Team as its collaboration with UKBB enters a humanitarian framework. It has always been an honor for Your Gospel Team to bring its voice to any action that addresses humanitarian issues. The particularity of this symposium is precisely this talk about the health issues of children in Niger.

In this perspective, Your Gospel Team, through its service, intends to give its unfailing support not only to the actions of UKBB and MSF for their outstanding work for children, but also its encouragement to Dr. Julia Rappenecker for her efforts deployed for a better life to children in Niger and for her great love for the African continent.

Therefore, a joyous and festive atmosphere is reserved for the participants of the symposium, as this opportunity will be seized to announce the colors of Christmas at UKBB with musical rhythm.



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