What makes Your Gospel Team so unique?

Since inception, Your Gospel Team, a gospel choir, does not skimp on any way to make gospel music, the salt of human happiness.

To achieve this goal, Your Gospel Team emphasizes special features that make it one of the largest artists collectives in Switzerland and beyond.

These fundamental features are as follows:

  • Attention to clients' needs

Attention to clients' needs is probably the first feature of Your Gospel Team. It is undeniable that without the client, Your Gospel Team does not exist.

In this vein, the gospel band makes every endeavor to provide maximum satisfaction to the client from the initial contact until the requested service.

This situation is shown by the permanent attention to clients' needs, the availability and the quick responsiveness in dealing with requests. It is also shown by the possibility given to the client to select the songs outside the repertoire of Your Gospel Team.

  • The professionalism

The king is served in a professional way, because people say: "the client is king". The client must be well served with all attentions.

With Your Gospel Team, the professionalism in the performance of the services is a vital necessity which takes particular proportions insofar as the artistic work is done with meticulousness and dexterity.

  • The originality of concepts

In accordance to the wishes of the clients, Your Gospel Team offers, depending on the event, different options: VOICE + PIANO option and ACAPPELLA option.

These original options, remain one of the irresistible elements that plunge the audience into a very vocal and musical universe. Indeed, the sensational makes alive, but the option does even more!

  • Skill of creativity

Gospel band, Your Gospel Team puts together skills in the service of sublimity, artistic know-how and musical seduction.

As a matter of fact, a dynamic, dedicated and multi-skilled staff is at the service of the artists collective for artistic creation intended to satisfy the musical thirst of clients with the rhythm of authentic gospel with Afro-American style.

During the performances, the professional and very skillful artists highlight the musicality of gospel music as their ability to interpret songs even outside the institutional repertoire in accordance of the client's taste and selection remains an incontestably established fact.

  • The genuineness of the style

Your Gospel Team is a group of artists composed of professional artists of the African-American style with high proven authenticity.

In truth, the genuineness of the style lies in the emphasis on the vocal power and originality of the gospel voice. In this, it is almost superfluous to specify that the singers of Your Gospel Team are soloists with sumptuous voices.

  • The diversity of specialties

Ranked first in its field in Switzerland, Your Gospel Team is specialized in the organization and entertainment of concerts, weddings, flash mob, birthdays, baptisms, parties for companies, workshops, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events. To this must be added the team building during which, Your Gospel Team, a gospel choir, through its musical enchantment, contributes significantly to strengthen the social cohesion of firms in a perspective of profitability.

  • Innovation

Innovation is one of the main features of Your Gospel Team. Collective of future gospel artists, Your Gospel Team is not part of a static approach, the renewal of the music system is being almost daily. This renewal is based on the desire of the client.

These facts indicate that with Your Gospel Team, your events are unforgettable!



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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