Official launch of "United People Global" in Geneva: musical entertainment with Your Gospel Team

In the framework of the official launch of the Foundation called United People Global (UPG) which will take place on December 20, 2018 in Geneva, Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel choir, will once again tap from its repertoire best morceaux for a gospel music entertainment. During the ceremony, the participants will be given the opportunity to bring their support to the Foundation.

As a matter of facts, UPG is a community that encourages and make it possible for people to take part in the improvement of the state of the world. "Make the world better", this is achieved in several ways, including by contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

In this vein, the Foundation's main activities are focused on four pillars:

- Encourage public awareness about how each person can participate in the future of the community;
- Reinforce, with a focus on training and capacity building, the belief that everyone's participation can make a difference;
- Increase collaboration among people whose activities make communities a good place to live;
- Foster the spirit of community among those who believe in a common mission.

To carry out its mission, UPG develops publications, projects and events for the happiness of local populations including not only Geneva and Luzern, but also at international scale. Majestic, Geneva still hosts headquarters of many international organizations next to Luzern city which has, according to the federal Office of the Swiss statistics, 81,401 inhabitants at the end of 2017.

To make the event unimaginably successful and unforgetable, Your Gospel Team, a gospel group, will perform with the option VOICE + PIANO. In this vein, the entertainment will be conducted with 9 gospel professional artists: 8 female solists singers and 1 pianist.

With professionalism, authentic voice, experience, and artistic performance that define the irreversible identity of Your Gospel Team, an exceptional repertoire is scheduled for the event in the strict respect for the discretion of the organizers. Apart from the repertoire of Your Gospel Team, some songs will be interpreted all backed by a strong vocal presence.

Through this artistic performance that looks sublime, Your Gospel Team brings its unfailling support to the actions carried out by the UPG Foundation.

The event is open to the interested public, however seats are limited. To take part, there are two possibilities. To receive a free entry, simply click on "unpaid ticket".

Otherwise, if the participants want to take part in the raffle, and thus bringing their assistance to the Foundation's activities, admission is charged, which entitles to raffle tickets (different amounts for choice). At this level, there are various prizes to win including six (6) nights at a beautiful place by the beach in Zanzibar:

To register, please click on the following link:

Your Gospel Team invites all its fans and all and sundry to take part in the event.

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