The memorable gospel concert of December 29, 2017 in Burgdorf

The year 2017 will be forever unique and unforgettable in the history of the city of Burgdorf.

The largest city in the Swiss administrative district of Emmental in the canton of Bern, Burgdorf is located at the entrance to the Emmental Valley, the place of origin of Emmental Cheese.

As a matter of fact, on December 29, 2017 at 8:00 pm, a big concert has been held and was marked by the presence of 4 professional artists including 3 solo singers and 1 pianist from Your Gospel Team, the most popular gospel choir in Switzerland.

This event was marked by the participation of the Founding Director of Your Gospel Team who, personally, was in charge of the sound system during the show. Your Gospel Team thus ended its end of year gospel tour with this memorable concert of December 29, 2017 in Burgdorf.

This concert, organized by Konzertszene, an association that holds every year-end a gospel concert, is the 27th edition.

At the beginning of the show, a very warm welcome has been given to Your Gospel Team.

The event of Konzertszene is well known to the audience in the region and was always of a high quality; the organizers only invite professional groups whose artistic work is based on a strong authenticity of their musical style. During these last years, groups from the USA, such as "The Golden Voices of Gospel" and "Bridgette Campbell & The Gospel Harmonizers" performed on stage in Burgdorf.

The decision of selecting Your Gospel Team, a gospel choir, for the 2017 concert is no mere coincidence. The very demanding Organizing Committee selected Your Gospel Team because of its proven gospel authenticity, professionalism and highly specialized vocal and artistic performance.

On the evening of December 29, 2017, the day of the concert, the hall was packed and contained more than 350 spectators.

Your Gospel Team, a gospel group that was liberal with the means to meet the professional and artistic demands of the organizers, amazed the audience who were very motivated and receptive, the spectators having let themselves driven by the artists who were able to make them dance.

In the heat of this high quality performance, the emotion was very strong among the spectators who, in full concert, cracked and could not hold back their tears in front of the sumptuous voices that communicated a very strong energy and a message.

This performance of the exceptional class was simply hailed by the charming audience with loud cheers.

In this perspective, Konzertszene's leaders are already thinking about bringing your Gospel Team back to another concert in Burgdorf.

Your Gospel Team expresses its appreciation and gratitude to the Konzertszene Committee for their invitation and their confidence.

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