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The Christmas gospel concert with the gospel choir, Your Gospel Team on December 20, 2019 from 1: 00 pm to 2: 00 pm at "École de Commerce et de Culture Générale" (ECCG) of Sierre in Switzerland will remain a unique event in the history of the institution as well as the city of Sierre.

Sierre is a small city in the Canton of Wallis in Switzerland, bathed in sunshine, pleasantly nestled in the middle of several hills and surrounded by vineyards. Sierre is a city of studies that hosts 1,400 students in its higher education courses.

Indeed, this Christmas gospel concert was organized by the administration of ECCG on the last day of lessons of this institution. ECCG offers different diploma training courses for general secondary level II and particularly develops bilingualism in the courses offered. Cultural activities are also offered to strengthen understanding and assimilation of languages.

This Christmas gospel concert is atypical, not only because it took place in the school hall with students in rows and the artists in the center, but also and above all it is the very first time that a concert took place within the institution's compound. The four floors of the building were full of more than four hundred spectators including students, teachers and members of management.

The gospel choir Your Gospel Team, a well-known professional gospel group in Switzerland, led the concert with the VOICE + PIANO option with the participation of six of its professional gospel artists: five solo singers and a pianist.

For an event of this scale, a special artistic arrangement has been put in place.  A solid sound system was used by Your Gospel Team, which was able to cover the hall up to the 4th floor and an exceptional repertoire of songs was interpreted in a very advanced vocal and musical universe: traditional African American gospel songs combined with Christmas songs.

The concert was highly appreciated by the students, teachers and members of the management who were completely carried away by the strength of the symphony, the musical harmony and the contemplation and who expressed their complete satisfaction. At the end of the concert, several people asked the artists of Your Gospel Team to sing additional songs; their strong wish was not to end the concert, so the sublime voices of professional artists continued to resonate in their heads.

For his part, Mr. MOIX, Director of ECCG, did not hesitate to warmly thank Your Gospel Team for the performance which he found magnificent.



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