Your Gospel Team in live performance in Aetingen, German-Speaking Switzerland

Due to its high level of musical technique, Your Gospel Team continually brightens hearts, even in the intimate circle of companies.

After a live concert in Sagi Oberwil in German-speaking Switzerland on 18th December 2016, Your Gospel Team will continue chanting, for the same company, the glories of original African-American gospel music spread over several octaves. People often say: "We do not change the winning team".

In this vein, Your Gospel Team will be in concert on December 10th, 2017 in Aetingen, German-speaking Switzerland as well as last year. Organized by the company "Emmenpark", this concert will last approximately two hours, and will give the latter the opportunity to hold a special brunch during the event.

As part of the 2016 performances, the seduction coupled with the harmony and the symphony musically experienced was such that the guests and the leaders of the company could not help but burst their total satisfaction, thus leading at the end, the Director and the person in charge of organizing the events to keep especially "Your Gospel Team" for the year 2017.

Hence, this year, "Your Gospel Team" is in its second collaboration with Emmenpark thanks to the quality of service rendered as Carina, formerly in charge of events, reported:

"Last year we were able to welcome Yawo and Your Gospel Team to Sagi Oberwil at the gospel brunch. Preparations in advance with Yawo worked perfectly. The five artists on the site have fantastic voices. The songs selected were great and appreciated by our audience. From this great experience, we keep Your Gospel Team for next Christmas right away. We are already waiting for the next meeting. Keep up the good work! ", proudly noted Carina.

It goes without saying that Emmenpark appreciates the work of Your Gospel Team on an artistic and administrative level.

This year, Your Gospel Team will work with the same formula: 5 artists (4 solo singers + 1 Pianist), but with an exceptional artistic arrangement whose effect will remain unforgettable in the hearts. It remains clear that expectations will be fully met...

Already, it is possible to register for this event by visiting Emmenpark's website at:

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