Your Gospel Team in concert in Luzern

In a special way, Your Gospel Team, Gospel Choir, will display its musical talent as part of a concert to be organized during the annual meeting of Ladies Forum Luzern on 1st December 2018.

As a matter of fact, Ladies Forum Luzern is a group of Christian women whose goal is to bring women together and have a good time together. In this perspective, the group offers a framework for exchange or discussion. To this must be added a market for the sale of second hand clothes, bags and shoes. Similarly, small stands exposed other things to women.

Founded in 2017, Ladies Forum Luzern will be at its second edition of annual meeting on 1st December 2018. This event is women-orientated; for this purpose it is solely opened to women, regardless of their religious denomination and place of origin.

Due to its importance, the event is supported by some private sponsors based in, as well as outside Luzern.

Switzerland's seventh largest city, Luzern is the capital of the canton of Luzern. Located at the edge of Lake Luzern and in Reuss, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the city of Luzern has 81,401 inhabitants at the end of 2017. The Luzern economy is growing to become international.

In order to make this annual meeting of Ladies Forum Luzern unforgettable, Your Gospel Team, a gospel group, will take part with the VOICE + PIANO option. In this dynamic, the concert will be conducted with 3 professional gospel artists: 2 female singers and 1 pianist.

With the professionalism, the authenticity of the voices, the experience and the artistic performance that define the irreversible identity of this gospel choir that is Your Gospel Team, an exceptional list of songs is programmed for the event in the strict respect of the desiderata of the organizers.

Through this sublime concert, Your Gospel Team gives its unconditional support to the actions of Ladies Forum Luzern.

Considering this set-up and arrangement, inviting all women interested in this event not to miss this magical moment crowned with sensational symphony, becomes a sacred imperative for Your Gospel Team. Even paying, the event promises to be unique to its kind.

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