Your Gospel Team: the assurance of a qualitative and professional performance

Undoubtedly, quality has been considered a non-negotiable requirement for Your Gospel Team's clients in the offer of service since inception.

Thus, putting the satisfaction of its clients at the heart of its priorities, Your Gospel Team turns into mainstay, qualitative and professional service with regard to gospel.

It is needless to say that the choice of Your Gospel Team is a guarantee of the quality and the professionalism that the company constantly shows to its various services.

First of its kind in Switzerland, Your Gospel Team is a professional collective of gospel artists with African-American style of a high degree authenticity. Specialized in organization and entertainment of concerts, weddings, flash mobs, birthdays, baptisms, business evenings, workshops, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events, it offers clients and according to their desires, depending on the event, Different options that throw the public into a wonderfully emotional journey: VOICE + PIANO option and A CAPPELLA option.

The artistic work of Your Gospel Team is of an almost unprecedented meticulous care, the events that they host are intended to the benefit of the clients in a vocal and musical universe very advanced with a unique objective: to make the event sublime and unforgettable!

This approach, based on quality and professionalism, is an undisputed and undisputable satisfaction of the clients of Your Gospel Team, which provokes several testimonies from the latter.

"From the first contact to D-Day, everything is perfect and professional! This is a team that is able to adapt to match our desires so that our event will live up to our expectations. Here, the "Your" of Your Gospel Team, bears its name and takes on its full meaning! It is rare and very pleasant to work with a trusted team that places customer satisfaction at the heart of their priorities. If our event was so beautiful, it was thanks to their talent, their energy and their natural joy," said Aline & Boris (Aline & Boris, Vaud, Switzerland, April 2017).

Alain and Anne-Claude, subjugated by this intimate force of Your Gospel Team, report on the artistic magic they experienced: "You made the ceremony magical and with a lot of emotion, not only you are very talented, but you also are professional, accessible and adorable" (Alain and Anne-Claude, Valais, Switzerland, August 2016).

For their part, Isabelle and Olivier are rather advocates of Your Gospel Team, being totally satisfied with the service provided: "We had a unique moment in your company, a beautiful discovery, your two singers made us vibrate with their exceptional voice. Thank you for your songs selected and your reliability. We were able to count on your professionalism from beginning to end and this is very important when organizing a wedding. We have had a great experience and we will recommend you to many people "(Isabelle and Olivier, Salavaux, Switzerland, May 2016).

As a matter of fact, the strengths of the collective of artists are based on responsiveness, promptness in processing customer requests, availability to customers, professionalism and ability of Your Gospel Team to perform songs outside of its directory according to the customer's choice.

Your Gospel Team, is first the customer and then, it is still the customer.

With Your Gospel Team, quality and professionalism are assured!

Your Gospel Team at “la fête de la châtaigne” ( th...
Traditional Gospel, African-American style


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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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