Authentic gospel for events in Orleans

Gospel choir, Gospel band for performances in Orleans and in Centre-Val de Loire

Orleans is the capital of the Centre-Val de Loire region. It is located on the banks of the Loire, in north-central France. Joan of Arc delivered the city from the siege of the English in 1429, event celebrated through an annual festival. A reconstruction of the house where she stayed during the battle, the house of Joan of Arc, presents multimedia exhibitions retracing her life.

Listed as a "city of art and history", Orléans is at the gateway to the Sologne natural region, at the gateway to the plains of Beauce, in the middle of Val de la Loire, a World Heritage Site. 

In Orléans, festivals and cultural events are not lacking:

  • The Johannian feasts, every beginning of May, remain the most important popular event of Orleans. The "Festival of Joan of Arc" are promoted to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage;
  • The festival of Saint-Aignan, in November, in the district of the same name, was replaced from 2005 by a music festival: the festival de travers;
  • The Orleans Jazz Festival, Orléans'jazz, is a series of musical events during the month of June since 1991
  • The International Piano Competition of the Twentieth Century was created by pianist and teacher Françoise Thinat in 1994 and is held every two years;
  • The human rights forum takes place every school year. This forum makes it possible for the poeple of Orléans to exchange information, reflections and points of view on scorn human rights. The forum takes place in the form of conference-debates, screenings, workshops;
  • The carnival, is held every year in late May and early June;
  • The Set electro, festival of electronic music, is held every year during the month of May;
  • During the month of December are organized several Christmas markets;

The poeple in Orleans live to the rhythm of their cultural, recreational and entertaining life, open to the world. Gospel music occupies an important place in the Orleans culture.

Meet Your Gospel Team and its entire team of professional singers to know more about how gospel music can make your events unforgettable. Every single concert, every performance presents unquestionable success thanks to the authenticity of repertoire, the quality of interpretations and the vocal vibration of the artists.

Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel choir, is specialized in the event industry. It is known in this field in France for the high-quality services and performances

In this context of activities, our gospel band organizes, in authentic gospel music style, in the Centre-Val de Loire region as well as in the other region of France, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthdays, baptisms, parties for companies, workshops, team building, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Therefore, our team has gained the experience, the skill and the expertise essential to plan an event, lead or accompany its organization to completion.

Click here for more information about the options available for the organization, leading and entertainment, in an authentic gospel style, of your events in Orléans and in the whole region of Centre-Val de Loire.




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