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« Nancy : Symbole of social cohesion through Culture »

Nancy is a French commune located in Lorraine on the banks of the Meurthe, at 281 kilometers east of Paris and 116 kilometers west of Strasbourg. It is the prefecture of the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle, in the Grand Est region.

Nancy has many buildings listed as historical monuments and is one of the European centers of “Art Nouveau” thanks to the School of Nancy. It is also famous for its Stanislas Square, named after the last Duke of Lorraine, which is part of a set of the eighteenth century listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

With a population of more than 434,479 inhabitants, the urban area of Nancy is the most populated of Lorraine, the second of the Grand Est after that of Strasbourg and the twentieth of France.

Each year, the town of Nancy articulates various cultural events.  Here are just a few:

  • International Choral Festival (April-May);
  • Musique Action, an international festival of experimental music in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, takes place in May;
  • The fair of Nancy is the second attractive fair of France after the fair of the throne, in April;
  • Teranga Festival (festival of local and international solidarities, world music concerts, workshops, discussion), takes place in September or July each year;
  • Nancy côté scène (festivities and free concert), in July-August;
  • Nancyphonies, festival of classical music, also in July-August;
  • Les Nocturnes étudiantes, student event. The "keys" of the city are offered to students who enjoy culture, and entertainment in the city, museums, concerts, etc. In September;

Culture In Nancy, people experience and share throughout the year, through multiple venues, cultural events and musical styles ...

Culture In Nancy, it is an exceptional heritage, preserved and highlighted, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ...

Culture In Nancy, it is the creation, that the city supports with passion: National Opera of Lorraine, Ballet of Lorraine, contemporary music stages  ...

Culture In Nancy, it is about great events, which punctuate the life of the City and give it a festive atmosphere ...

Each year, the City of Nancy invests for a cultural offer as diverse as possible, for all audiences. Gospel music becomes a main tool in the musical entertainment of various events.

Are you organizing an event as a private individual or company in Nancy and looking for a gospel choir? Feel free to contact Your Gospel Team.

Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel choir, is specialized in the event industry. It is known in this field in France for the high-quality services and performances

In this context of activities, our gospel band organizes, in authentic gospel music style, in the Grand Est region as well as in the other region of France, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthdays, baptisms, parties for companies, workshops, team building, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Therefore, our team has gained the experience, the skill and the expertise essential to plan an event, lead or accompany its organization to completion.

Click here for more information about the options available for the organization, leading and entertainment, in an authentic gospel style, of your events in Nancy and in the whole region of Grand Est.

With Your Gospel Team in Nancy, gospel music is for development and social cohesion.




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