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Located on the Côte d'Azur, between the Italian border and the city of Nice, the Principality of Monaco is part of the French geographic region and of the Francophonie. Monaco is made up of four districts: Monte Carlo, Condamine, le Rocher (Monaco-City), and Fontvieille that extend over an area of 0.78 square miles, with a population of approximately 38,100 inhabitants.

From a political point of view, Monaco is a hereditary and constitutional monarchy, ensuring the separation of the three powers.

Throughout the year, some cultural events, attracting a lot of people, are organized:

  • The Automobile Rally in May;
  • The "Grand Prix Automobile" in winter;
  • Galas and festivals;
  • The Grimaldi Forum, makes it possible to organize artistic and cultural exhibitions;
  • "Printemps des Arts de Monte-Cristo".
  • World Music Award.

All these festivities are organized and arranged with musical entertainment, especially, with gospel orchestrated by local and international groups.

Monaco, being a city open to the world, 125 nationalities are represented. Throughout the year, wedding ceremonies, christenings, birthday anniversaries are celebrated... In 2018, more than 120 weddings were registered in Monaco. And it is rare to organize a wedding ceremony without gospel entertainment.

Do you live in Monaco? Are you organizing a private event or a corporate event? Are you looking for a gospel choir for entertainment? Our talented professional artists from Your Gospel Team are available to assist you.

Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel group, is specialized in the event industry. It is renowned as a leader in its field in Switzerland for the high-quality services and performances. Our artists perform in Monaco, France, and other European countries too.

As part of this activity, our gospel choir entertains in Monte Carlo, Condamine, Le Rocher, and Fontvieille, in the style of authentic gospel, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthday anniversaries, christenings, corporate parties, workshops, team buildings, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Does gospel music inspire you? Do you want to attend a gospel concert? Do you want to experience a fascinating and unforgettable moment in the company of gospel music? The artists of Your gospel Team will lead you to the realm of authentic African American gospel style with sublime, sumptuous and dazzling voices as the main instrument.

All our artists are carefully selected for their professionalism, talent, and know-how on the music scene.

Our team has therefore gained the experience, skills, and expertise necessary to plan an event, lead or arrange musically its organization. All our performances are supervised by experienced artistic directors.

With Your Gospel Team, our gospel band in Monaco, gospel music is undoubtedly a bridge to musical happiness.

Find out more information on the options and concept available for the organization, musical arrangement and entertainment, with authentic gospel style, of your events in Monaco.




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