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Territory at the crossroads of several European countries, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the second smallest Member State of the EU with an area of 999 square miles. It has a population of around 626,000 inhabitants, half of whom are foreigners.

Its capital, Luxembourg City, headquarters several European institutions: Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank, the Eurostat statistics office and the General Secretariat of the European Parliament. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy, within which the prerogatives of the Grand Duke are delegated to the Prime Minister.

There are three official languages: French, German and the national language, which is Luxembourgish, established in law in 1984.

Luxembourg is full of places of artistic expression, such as libraries, parks, museums, theaters and performance halls.

Wide and multicultural, the art and tradition of Luxembourg reflect its mosaic population. With its festivals, customs, and shows, Luxembourg can be proud of cultural activities that are unique in the world. We can mention among other festivals the Geenzefest (broom festival), the Sprangpressessioun (dancing procession), the Schueberfouer (funfair), the Carnival festivals with the Fuessonndeg and the Fueméindeg ...

Due to the multicultural development of Luxembourg, other festivals have been added to Luxembourg folklore. The people of Luxembourg love celebrations and there is no weekend when you cannot attend folkloric or festive events.

All these festivities are organized and arranged with musical entertainment orchestrated by local and international groups. Special attention is always given to gospel music at weddings, christenings, birthday anniversaries, or corporate events ...

Do you live in Luxembourg? Are you organizing a private event or a corporate event? Are you looking for a gospel choir for entertainment? Our talented professional artists from Your Gospel Team are available to assist you.

Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel group, is specialized in the event industry. It is renowned as a leader in its field in Switzerland for its high-quality services and performances. The artists perform in Luxembourg, France, and other European countries too.

As part of these activities, our gospel choir entertains in the regions of Gutland and Oesling, in the style of authentic gospel, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthday anniversaries, christenings, corporate parties, workshops, team buildings, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Does gospel music inspire you? Do you want to attend a gospel concert? Do you want to experience a fascinating and unforgettable moment in the company of gospel music? The artists of Your Gospel Team will lead you to the realm of authentic African American style gospel with sublime, sumptuous and dazzling voices as the main instrument.

All our artists, from authentic African American gospel style, are carefully selected for their professionalism, talent, and know-how on the music scene.

Our team has therefore gained the experience, skills and expertise necessary to plan an event, lead or arrange musically its organization until its completion. All our performances are supervised by experienced artistic directors.

With Your Gospel Team, our gospel choir in Luxembourg, gospel music is undoubtedly a bridge to musical happiness.

Find out more information on the options and concept available for the organization, musical arrangement and entertainment, with authentic gospel style, of your events in Gutland and in Oesling.




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