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The smallest and richest German-speaking country entirely located in the Alps, the principality of Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east and north. Liechtenstein has about 40,000 inhabitants on an area of 61 square miles. The country is divided into two regions (Unterland and Oberland) which include eleven municipalities.

Politically, it is a principality and a constitutional monarchy governed by hereditary princes.

Liechtenstein is a stable place of business with a very diversified economy comprising more than 4,000 companies and almost as many jobs as inhabitants. The Principality is one of the most industrialized states in the world, a solid financial center and an innovative high-tech country, raising it to the rank of country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world (2.5 per cent in 2011) ).

The culture of Liechtenstein includes a wide range of activities, cultural and artistic associations, theater, museums, music bands and entertainment groups.

Culture in Liechtenstein is also music of all kinds. The principality has a reputation as a country of music. We constantly hear a sound played by a choir or a band, a vocal group or an orchestra throughout the year.

Theater, concerts, dance, shows and cabarets as well as museums, galleries and workshops, constitute the foundation of the cultural life.

The majority of the customs and traditions of Liechtenstein are drawn from Germanic culture. Several cultural events take place in the different municipalities of the principality throughout the year.

Liechtensteiners do not hesitate to invite music bands and choirs like Your Gospel Team for the entertainment of different cultural events.

Since inception in 2011, Your Gospel Team has entertained several events in Liechtenstein with authentic gospel music in the African American style.

Your Gospel Team, a professional gospel choir headquartered in Lausanne in French-speaking Switzerland, specializes in the events sector. It is renowned as a leader in its field in Switzerland for its high-quality services.

As part of these activities, our gospel choir entertains in the regions of Unterland and Oberland, in the style of authentic gospel, weddings, concerts, flash mob, birthday anniversaries, christenings, corporate parties, workshops, team buildings, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events.

Does gospel music inspire you? Do you want to attend a gospel concert? Do you want to experience a fascinating and unforgettable moment in the company of gospel music? The artists of Your Gospel Team will lead you to the realm of authentic African American style gospel with sublime, sumptuous and dazzling voices as the main instrument.

The professional singers of Your Gospel Team, carefully selected for their talents, know-how on the music scene, their sumptuous voices, the melodious rhythm of the songs and their passion, create a magnificent and friendly atmosphere to make your event memorable.

Our team has therefore gained the experience, skills and expertise necessary to plan an event, lead or arrange musically its organization until its completion. All our performances are supervised by experienced artistic directors.

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