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Since its inception, Your Gospel Team has been guided by the culture of excellence

The Executive Board

Your Gospel Team, a collective of gospel artists, is managed by professional artists from African American gospel style. They have more than 15 years of experience as artists and organizers of authentic gospel events using their voices as the main instrument.

A meticulous artistic work enables the band to guarantee, for your events, a very high vocal and musical level. An excellence that we put at your service with the sole objective: to make your event unforgettable!

Your Gospel Team is composed of more than 80 professional gospel artists under the supervision and management of our artistic directors.

The band is part of Artists Premium, an agency specializing in artistic production and the organization of shows. Artists Premium belongs to Abotsi Group, Sàrl.

For more information on Artists Premium, please visit the website: www.artistspremium.ch, and on Abotsi Group Sàrl, visit : www.abotsigroup.ch


Founding Director

Charlène ABOTSI

Executive Assistant


Communication Officer


French-German Translation officer


Artistic Director


Artistic Director

Our vision

To maintain our position as a prestigious and reference gospel choir in Switzerland and become leader throughout Europe in performing authentic gospel entertainments, while always considering innovation, perfection, and improvement of the services that we propose.

Our mision

To offer all our clients a unique, unforgettable experience and a customized service adapted to their objective in each of their events by offering authentic gospel entertainment in an African American style.

Our values

Your Gospel Team fully shares the values of Artists Premium which are:


We love what we do, and we cultivate the desire to be close to our clients.


We use our talents and our passion to go beyond clients' expectations.


Transparency, commitment and liability guide us in our services.


Collaboration and sharing of experience are at the core of our activity.


We offer what we have, and our services respect our promises.


We guarantee excellent responsiveness in the processing of any request.

Our story

Founded in 2011 in Moudon in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland, Your Gospel Team is the outcome of human courage. We can hardly imagine Your Gospel Team’s current size if we consider its beginning.

However, through the determination, the dynamism and the know-how, the initiators, full of commitment and competency, succeeded in transforming the impossible into the possible.

As a matter of fact, everything began with a dream; there was a small Gospel group of four persons including Yawo ABOTSI, his wife Charlène, professional singer and two other artists.

At that time, the activities of the group were limited to the entertainment of some weddings with a simple option: 2 singers + 1 pianist.

But very early, despite this sobriety, the founding Director, Yawo ABOTSI, put vocal performance at the center of all concerns. And this is not insignificant, as his career is as exceptional as that of Your Gospel Team itself.

As a matter of fact, musician, Yawo ABOTSI is a drummer and guitar-bassist by training, grew up in Gospel music, the music of his ancestors and to which he had been introduced during his teenage.

He first learned to play drums at 15; two years later, he started learning bass. With his group of gospel in Lomé, the capital city of Togo, he led several concerts of gospel as bassist.

Originally from Togo (West Africa), unlike his wife, Charlène ABOTSI, who is from Gabon (Central Africa), Yawo ABOTSI played bass guitar in Switzerland from 2007 to 2010 in two different bands of gospel in Lausanne. He has worked as a Conductor for more than two years.

With more than 18 years of experience in gospel music, Yawo ABOTSI now helps Your Gospel Team to carry out incredible accomplishments both nationally and internationally.

Proactive in his tasks with Your Gospel Team, Yawo ABOTSI opted for traditional gospel with the Afro-American style.

This decisive choice played a leading role in the life and future of Your Gospel Team, which has succeeded in quickly differentiating itself from several other gospel groups in Switzerland to become the archetype of authentic gospel group.

Hence, after two years of existence, the enthusiasm aroused by the strength and the quality of the services of Your Gospel Team with several companies and individuals remains a noteworthy development. The "small group" could no longer handle all the demands that were constantly increasing. The idea of setting up a more or less organized structure was inexorably necessary.

Under these conditions, Yawo ABOTSI, then decided to evolve the band by transforming it into a group of professional artists in order to recruit other high level gospel solo singers and musicians.

Being a gospel soloist, a professional singer, having a gospel voice, evolving in the African-American gospel environment and then having an audition, were among the conditions that led to the recruitment of these professional singers.

Specialized in planning, organizing and entertainment of concerts, weddings, flash mobs, birthday anniversaries, christenings, business evenings, workshops, conventions, campaigns, seminars, conferences and other events, thanks to its dynamism, Your Gospel Team today counts more than 80 gospel artists and 4 Artistic Directors. As a matter of fact, some of his artists have collaborated with Stevie Wonder.

Your Gospel Team is a leader in the production of authentic gospel shows with the Afro-American style in Switzerland. It is also active in several European countries including France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

What about the almost unique professionalism of Your Gospel Team! This professionalism is reflected in the highly gospel artistic quality which combines symphony and harmony in the musical experience through the prism of its various options: VOICE + PIANO and A CAPPELLA.

Expressing full satisfaction, clear and encouraging testimonials from clients and beneficiaries of Your Gospel Team services become almost everyday matter.

Thus, across several European countries, Your Gospel Team organizes every year a gospel tour during which several high-level concerts are conducted, and festivals entertained.

With vocal power and sumptuous voices, professional solo voices, Your Gospel Team was selected to accompany a gospel legend from Chicago, USA, an African American artist, on tour in Switzerland in November 2017.

In addition, at the 75th edition of the Festival de Cannes in France in 2022, Your Gospel Team was invited for a solemn performance alongside American Hollywood celebrities. As part of the launch of Tim Scott Bogart's new feature film, Spinning Gold, Grammy Award nominee Tayla Parx as Donna Summer, Grammy Award winner Ledisi as Gladys Knight, and Tonys nominee Jeremy Jordan as Neil Bogart performed their on-screen characters' hit songs with the honorable participation of Your Gospel Team as the backing band. 

Undoubtedly, Afro-American gospel, authentic gospel, high-level artists, vocal power and professionalism, are the sound forces of Your Gospel Team. At this pace, Your Gospel Team is far from ending with signs of its story hints ...

They trust us

Several companies, municipalities, public institutions, festivals, etc., trust us.

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